About Our Regular and Seasonal Beer

About Our Beer

About Our Seasonal Beer

is a Golden Lager or Hell (Helles) similar to those found throughout Bavaria. We use carefully selected Pilsner Malt, Imported Spalt Noble Hops and a proprietary lager yeast strain that is NOT filtered out. HumminBird is slow cold-aged for over a month giving HumminBird a wonderful taste and aroma.

Fresh... Kegged and Delivered Direct to the Customer!

is a Munich Urtyp (Old Style) Lager. The brewing process begins with custom kilned imported Munich Malt, then we add Tettnang Noble Hops from Bavaria, the oldest hop growing region in the world. For fermentation we use lager yeast from Weihenstephen. Five weeks of aging gives Red Oak the smooth taste that it is known for.

Fresh... Kegged, Bottled and Delivered Direct to the Customer!

is a smooth and creamy Bavarian Style Bock brewed with our special blend of Bavarian Dark Roasted Malts and Noble Czech Saaz Hops. It is aged a minimum of 8 weeks. Battlefield is a rich full-bodied lager with hints of coffee and chocolate.

Fresh... Kegged and Delivered Direct to the Customer!

is our Spring Seasonal. A Vienna Lager brewed to the strength of a Bock Beer. Our Vienna Malt undergoes a Decoction Mash to produce a smooth malty flavor perfectly balanced with the Noble Hop Czech Saaz. Cold Lager fermentation traditionally ages the beer for over 8 weeks at 30° Fahrenheit. Draught Only.

Fresh... Kegged and Delivered Direct to the Customer!

is our Fall Seasonal. Our Traditional Oktoberfest-Style Lager is stronger and darker than modern versions. Brewed with Munich,Vienna and Caramel Malts and balanced with Noble Hops from Spalt, Germany. Old Oak is aged for over 8 weeks at 30° Fahrenheit. Draught Only.

Fresh... Kegged and Delivered Direct to the Customer!

is our Winter Seasonal. This Bavarian- Style Doppelbock is brewed with a blend of 8 malts. Noble Saaz Hops from the Czech Republic impart a spicy flavor to balance the malt profile.This Lager is aged for over 8 weeks before the kegs are released. Draught Only.

Fresh... Kegged and Delivered Direct to the Customer!

REAL BEER - August 2013

Red Oak is North America’s Largest Lager only Craft Brewery. We concentrate on doing a few Bavarian Style Lagers well. One of the most difficult to brew is HumminBird Helles [Hell means light in German]. A Helles is one of the best selling beers in Bavaria and one of the Brew Crew’s favorites. Why? It’s Pleasing Taste! Remember the lighter the beer the more difficult it is to brew and age. The situation is similar to modern architecture where it is hard to design a building with great proportions and very few lines. Simple is difficult… that’s why there is a lot more room to cover over mistakes in heavy beers. It is hard to brew a Naturally Carbonated, Preservative Free Helles where the Malted Barley and Aroma Hops are in perfect balance… but the result is Beautiful!

Bock Beers

Bock Beers, first brewed in the 14th Century by Bavarian Monasteries, are well known for their rich, smooth, flavorful taste. Our Battlefield Bock has been a favorite for years. This past year our seasonal bocks were so well received that they sold out in as little as 3 weeks. To meet the increased demand for bock beer and provide greater variety for bock fans…Red Oak will begin brewing small batches of slow cold-aged Old Oak, Black Oak, Big Oak and Battlefield Bock year around. [on a rotating basis]

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