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Looking for something different?

Red Oak has paired two unique entities….America’s Largest Lager Only Craft Brewery and its Unfiltered, Unpasteurized, Preservative Free Beer with our Charming Lager Haus and BierGarten.

Enjoy the Old-World Ambience…..along with the garden sculptures, Gift Shop and Food Trucks.

A Great Place to unwind after a long day!

Must be 21 or over to visit (including children).
Email Lager Haus for rental information.


It begins with REAL BEER . . .

Oaktoberfest 2022

Red Oak

Bavarian Amber Lager

Hummin’Bird Helles

Munich Golden Lager


Bavarian Pils


Märzen Lager


Bavarian Heller Bock

Black Oak

Bavarian Dopplebock


Bavarian Bock

Big Oak

Vienna Bock

. . . and the Brewery and Brewers

Knowledgeable Brewers with heart . . . tried and tested ingredients from Bavaria . . . and the world’s best brewing equipment are the components that make Red Oak Lagers the Best!

With over 60 years of experience between them, the Red Oak Brewers, known respectfully as the “Brew Crew”, are dedicated to their craft and steer the quality of North Carolina’s oldest brewery.

Red Oak employs “Star Trek” technology, and strictly follows the 1516 Bavarian Law of Purity, created when Leonardo da Vinci was alive. Ask the Brewmaster about the process and he sounds like a scientist. He conducts the Tours discussing the process as you move around the Brewery catching the grainy smell of malted barley and seeing the gleam of tanks, kettles, pipes and 22-ton silos everywhere you look.


Monday – Friday:  9:00am – 4:00pm
Phone: (336) 447-2055

6901 Konica Drive
Whitsett, NC 27377

Brewery Tours:
Friday – 4:30pm

Starting at the Lager Haus

Brewery Suppliers and customers call (336) 447-2055 or email:


Wednesday – Friday – 4:00-10:00pm
Saturday – 12:00-10:00pm
Sunday – 12:00-7:00pm

Phone: 336-447-2005

Our new Lager Haus and BierGarten, where you can enjoy fresh lagers, wine, food trucks and shopping.