We use a German 4-Roller Mill to Crush 2-row Summer Barley that we purchase from a Bavarian Malt House. Using a decoction method, the Barley Grist [in water] is heated in stages which converts starches to sugars. This mash is transferred to the Lauter Tun where the barley husks settle on a slotted bottom. The liquid [Sweet Wort] runs through the barley husk bed and is recirculated until the liquid runs clear. From there it is transferred to the kettle where the liquid is boiled and Noble Aroma Hops are added to balance the sweetness of the malt. This brewing process takes about 8-8 1/2 hours. From the kettle the wort is circulated through whirlpool where the proteins and hop residue precipitate out. Then through an oxygenator the wort is cooled before being transferred to the Primary Lagering Tanks. It’s in primary fermentation where our Bavarian Lager yeast is added. After approximately 17 days the wort is transferred to cold horizontal lagering tanks where the liquid clarifies and mellows as the CO2 is bound naturally in the beer.