Join the Red Oak Team

It takes the average northern red oak up to 50 years to reach maturity. They tend to grow slow, but they sure grow strong. Apparently, when you live to be 400 years old, it’s better to take your time, and do things right. We agree.

This venture took root almost 30 years ago, and Red Oak has steadily grown into one of the most remarkable breweries in the region. We’re selling our pure-brewed beers across North Carolina, and our expanded facilities are a favorite spot for Whitsett folks and neighbors from all around to gather.

We appreciate your interest in what we’re cultivating at Red Oak. The information below should help you find what you’re looking for, but if it doesn’t, drop by. We’ll be here, making the best Bavarian-style beers around, and growing a little stronger every day.

The Red Oak Culture

Old world German technique, a renewed commitment to brewing purity, and a long-standing commitment to the Whitsett community. In the overgrown forest of craft beer making, you won’t see another like us. It takes a lot of hard work to make truly great beers and a keep up a fun place for people to share some.


Red Oak continues to follow a wise and steady path to sustainable growth, and we always want to talk to the top talent and prospects. To see the current postings for open team positions, read more

New Territories

Our facilities in Whitsett have recently expanded, and Red Oak is expanding distribution around North Carolina.