Free the Beer

Help Change the Law in North Carolina!

Politicians often talk about helping small businesses, the job creators, primarily by eliminating burdensome regulations. Instead, they help the wealthy by giving millions of your taxpayer dollars to entice big businesses (including big breweries) to locate in our state.

Small North Carolina breweries are a perfect example of this. When small breweries reach an artificial sales limit of 25,000 barrels per year, all sales and delivery must be turned over to a wholesaler. In other words, the future growth of small breweries becomes totally dependent on an unrelated company that can distribute hundreds of different beers and wines. Even worse, if the wholesaler is not selling a particular brand, they may decide not to give back the small brewery’s brand.

How would you like to grow your business, then lose control of your business due to an arbitrary limit imposed by the state? Help small North Carolina breweries create jobs, grow and control their future. Ask your legislator to do the right thing and lift the artificial cap on self-distribution! Support lifting the cap and Freeing the Bier!

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