America’s Craft Lager Brewery is the Oldest in North Carolina

Red Oak brews according to the 1516 Bavarian Law of Purity:

……. Bavarian Malted Barley, Noble Aroma Hops, Weihenstephen Lager Yeast
……. We use approximately 4 gallons of water for a gallon of beer… many breweries use 10 to 12 gallons
……. Vapor Condenser, Energy Recovery, forces steam to heat cold filtered water for next brew
……. Before adding yeast, boiled wort is cooled to 36*… hot water stored for reuse.

Red Oak uses computer-controlled CIP [Clean in Place] to clean vessels and tanks

Red Oak saves the second rinse water to become the first rinse water of the next cleaning cycle

Red Oak Lagers are Naturally Carbonated… No Industrial CO2 is used

Red Oak Lagers are Not Filtered, Not Pasteurized which saves energy and creates a Rich, Smooth, Taste

Red Oak Lagers have No additives, No Preservatives

Red Oak Lagers are GMO Free

Red Oak spent $1,000,000 to contain storm water runoff

Red Oak Lager Haus spent $1,000,000 on plants, landscaping and drip irrigation

Red Oak Buildings face North which lowers cooling load for energy efficiency

Red Oak’s Large Glass windows provide natural lighting

Red Oak Buildings utilize Low-e insulated glass

Red Oak utilizes LED lighting in Lager Haus and newer buildings

Red Oak Lager Haus’ outdoor lighting points downward to reduce night sky pollution

Red Oak’s spent barley grains are fed to local cattle and sheep

Red Oak sales are 60% draft beer… the kegs are cleaned and reused over and over

Red Oak Recycles cardboard and glass

Red Oak Gift Shop uses paper bags… no plastic

Red Oak Lager Haus uses 100% biodegradable/compostable cold cups and straws

Red Oak Lager Haus Bathrooms… Low Flow Toilets, Automatic Faucets, Dyson Sanitary Hand Dryers

Red Oak Lager Haus… Free Electric Car Charging Stations